Co-curricular Activities

The school has arranged classes for learning vocal music. Interested students can make use of this opportunity.

We train martial arts like karate as a means of self defense, an exciting sport, a way of keeping fit or as a branch of fascinating philosophical system. It facilitates the learner to conquer peak and even the mental and spiritual self. Our students get opportunity to learn Karate right from primary classes.

We have well experienced and talented trainers to give the interested students lessons in the guitar

Yoga is the union of the self with the Supreme Being or ultimate principle. We prescribe this course of physical and mental disciplines for attaining such union at an early age. It is believed that the learners become punctual, their concentration level increases and the most important aspect is it enhances the discipline among the students. We have made yoga compulsory for classes for 6 to XII.

We have made arrangements for our students to get training in roller skating

We provide facilities in the school for the aspirants to learn violin lessons

The agency with the name DISHA ABACUS provides abacus classes in our school to help the students to grow the learning potential of their brain. It prepares them to excel in academics and life.